Quick Gazing Session with Meade Binoculars

I arrived home after an annual meeting and a quick birthday drink with Kelly around 9:45pm.  Just enough time to checkout the new binocular tripod mount that I picked up at National Camera earlier in the day.

I setup on the deck and was pleased to see that the top 2/3 of Orion was visible between my maple tree and the large pine directly west of my backyard.  Aldebaran was immediately N of the pine tree with the Pleiades N of Aldebaran.  I was setup by 10:10pm and immeidatly pointed to Betelgeuse in order to have a bright object to focus in on while setting up the binoculars on the tripod mount for the first time.  After about 5 minutes, I got the setup as good as it was going to get for the first time out.  Most of the time viewing was spent on the Pleiades.  Got a great clear view with the binoculars at 7×40 with the whole FOV filled.  Finished off the session with Pollux and Castor.

Voyager view of April 4 viewing

Observing List Object Name 20110404 View of Sky List


Orion’s Belt






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