Waxing Moon / Saturn / Orion Nebul…….

A canceled client meeting provided a great chance to take advantage of the mostly clear skies and the new Celestron eyepieces that I picked up at Radio City.

I packed up the car at 8:30 and hussled down to Tapah to setup.  Winds were light, and the sky was getting dark fast.  I had the ETX-90 on it’s tripod in Atl/Az mounting and started the automatic alignment.  No problems.

I had planned on viewing Saturn / Christmas Tree Neb, and some other bright stars, but changed plans.  The moon at 13% waxing crescent was my first viewing target.  Started with a 26mm Meade and then moved to the new 32mm Celestron eyepiece.  Both with 50deg FOV.  Both provided great detail of the illuminated areas of the moon.

After 15 minutes on the moon, I shifted over to Saturn.  The goto was off by about a degree.  I will need to work on training the drive this year.  Saturn was bright, and came into clear focus in the 26…moved on to 17/12/8 and was able to get clear view on each.  With the 12 and 8 I was able to see the separation of the rings from the planet.

I was planning on moving on, and had just selected the Orion Nebula when the phone rang and I was called home for a homework emergency.  I hope I get one more shot at Orion before it dips below until next fall/winter.


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