Big Green Egg Maiden Voyage

An old friend contacted me yesterday with news that a small big green egg (love the contra-size wording) was soon to be displaced and was in need of a loving home. I was very happy to make some room on the patio for the egg. I drove the 20 or so miles to pickup said egg, and had the pleasure of meeting my friends husband who shares a love of smoked and grilled foods.

I set the egg up late on Sunday and gave it a once over. Temp probe busted, hinges a bit frozen, and a loose cover were all easily taken care of. I even made an ACE trip to order the indirect cooking plate.

Monday night was the first true test. Pork chops and a ribeye waited patiently while the lump took fire and the egg came up to temp. I spent a while working and tweaking with the vents to get a feel for temp control. Put the meat on, and was VERY pleased with the ease of use and the finished product. Very juicy and flavorful.


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