Weekend Snack Sticks

Trying to finish off a bag of commercial snack stick mix this weekend. Wanted to give it a go with adding some sharp cheddar to the mix, but I did not have any high temp. I found a post online about making sticks with regular cheese. I was skeptical, but it worked like a charm. I also found a pepperoni stick recipe that looked promising. It turned out to be great!

3# of each mix stuffed into 22mm collagen casings

Hanging in the MasterBuilt30 at 100deg for about 3 hours of dry time before smoke.

Regular and cheese sticks cut and ready for packaging.

Pepperoni sticks cut and ready for packaging

All 3 turned out great. I made sure to SLOWLY raise temps through the cook due to the cheese content. It took slightly over 10 hours to get these to 160deg, but it was worth it in the end. I left them in the 33deg garage overnight to bloom, dry, and cool. Cut up and packaged this morning.


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